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Here you'll find a list of previous awareness campaigns we have 
hosted. Click the images or campaign titles to find out more.

Our current campaigns can be found in the drop down menu.

Square graphic with a black woman in nurses scrubs and a mask. Text on top reads: Think. it could be cancer.

Highlighting obstacles to a cancer diagnosis in and around pregnancy and how to overcome them.


This content is aimed at healthcare and maternity students and professionals.

A white woman holding a baby to her chest, the baby is breastfeeding.  Text on top reads I never thought it could be cancer

Cancer and Pregnancy Awareness Week 2023
I Never Thought It Could Be Cancer

5 mums tell 5 real-life over 5 days, to remind us that cancer can come at the most unexpected time.
This content is for everyone.

Highlighting how pregnant and post-natal bodies can mask the symptoms of cancer and the steps professionals can take to diagnose cancer early and accurately in peri-natal patients.


This content is aimed primarily at healthcare professionals but is suitable for everyone.

cancer and pregnancy week 2021 promo image

Five themes to highlight some of the complexities that can arise after receiving an incurable cancer diagnosis and to help explain the challenges our mums, in this situation, can face.

This content for everyone.

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