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SEE ME: Cancer & Pregnancy Awareness Week 2022

From 13th - 19th June 2022 we highlighted how pregnant and post-natal bodies can mask the symptoms of cancer so it is vital to SEE ME.

The aim was to encourage mums, families and healthcare professionals to be aware, share their concerns, and thoroughly explore symptoms in pursuit of early and accurate diagnosis.

MONDAY - See The Symptom

Body awareness is key when it comes to spotting cancer symptoms, but being pregnant or post-natal it can make it difficult to know which changes are normal and which may be cause for concern.

We considered which cancer symptoms are most likely to be mistaken for pregnancy/birth related changes, and heard from Star Mum Jenny about how easy it is to ignore them, even when you are a health professional yourself!

TUESDAY - Early Detection

With some cancers, early detection can increase treatment options and improve chances of recovery. So, if something doesn’t look, feel, or function right during a pregnancy or post-partum, it's vital the person tell someone immediately.

We shared more about the importance of early detection and how to improve chances of achieving it, and heard from Jenny again about how early detection had a positive impact on her cancer treatment.

WEDNESDAY - Explore Thoroughly

Many mums and birthing parents experience a delay in their diagnosis because they do not fit the usual profile of a cancer patient. They can be considered too young, too healthy, or low risk.

To avoid delays, any potential cancer symptoms should be thoroughly explored regardless of either the state of pregnancy or the demographic of the person reporting concerns. We heard from Clinical Matron Rhea, encouraging healthcare professionals to explore symptoms, trust their instincts and persevere to achieve a clear, clinical diagnosis.

THURSDAY - Make It Happen

Could it be cancer? A scary question that could save a life. Symptoms can be spotted and reported by anyone: the mum/birthing parent, a partner, a midwife, a GP, a sonographer. Everyone has a role to play.

We heard from Jenny again, this time in her role as a GP, encouraging healthcare professionals to know and utilize all options available when pursuing diagnosis.

We also shared a new infographic video encouraging everyone to get comfortable with asking: Could it be cancer?

Friday - Education & Awareness

To increase the early detection and thorough exploration of cancer symptoms in or around pregnancy, and to ensure the best possible care and treatment for those mums, parents and families who are affected we raise awareness and aim to improve the knowledge of healthcare professionals.

We shared more about our bespoke Cancer and Pregnancy training programme and the work we do to increase understanding and awareness.

We also shared real-life stories and articles throughout the week:



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