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I Never Thought It Could Be Cancer: Cancer & Pregnancy Awareness Week Pt2 2023

"I still find it hard to fathom that the body, in the same space of time that it created and grew a new life, was also developing something that can kill too." 

Magia, Mummy's Star Mum, 2021

For our 10th ANNUAL Awareness Week we shared five stories from mums who were diagnosed with cancer during or within 12 months of a pregnancy.

MONDAY - Ella's Story

"I have a son, I can't die."

TUESDAY- Jill's Story

"Uncharted territory."

WEDNESDAY - Stacey's Story

"Is this the end for me?"

THURSDAY- Rachel's Story

"The hardest thing I've ever done."

FRIDAY - Holly's Story

"A bump in the road."



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