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End of Life Financial Support

If you are receiving or planning for end of life care, there are a number of different types of support you may benefit from...

We actively encourage our families to make informed choices around how they wish to approach all aspects of an end-of-life journey. A key part of this is to look at your finances. As with all conversations about death and dying, it may be difficult to know where to start, but the information below will hopefully give you some guidance. Remember you can also discuss this with your Mummy's Star Support Worker.

What do we mean by finances at End of Life?

We understand that as you near the end of your life, you or your family may have concerns about finances. Financial help is available, and you can sometimes access it at short notice.

What benefits do you qualify for?

Most people who need care towards the end of their lives qualify for disability benefits.

If your medical professional has told you that you might have 12 months or less to live under the “special rules for end of life”, this entitles you to get benefits at a higher rate/ get extra money and start getting payments quicker than usual.

You will need to get your cancer doctor or nurse specialist to complete an SR1 form and send it to the address provided on the form. Only one SR1 form is required even if you apply for more than one benefit.

You may be eligible for:

  • Personal Independence Payment (PIP) - not means-tested and automatically qualifying for the higher rate.

  • Employment and Support Allowance - if you are unable to work because you are ill. If you are already receiving this benefit and your condition deteriorates, as above, you will need to inform the DWP to receive a higher rate.

  • Universal Credit - if you are out of work or on a low income. Again, you will need to report a change in circumstances if you are already receiving UC but your condition deteriorates and you are not expected to live more than 12 months.

  • Carer’s Allowance - if your partner is caring for you for at least 35 hours a week as you near the end of life, they may be eligible for this benefit

Your Mummy’s Star Information and Support Worker can signpost you to organisations that can support you around claiming benefits and help you fill in claim forms. More information can be found at:

What about grants?

There are lots of organisations that offer grants to people in need. These do not generally have to be repaid.

Other places to ask for financial help are:

Government and local councils

​Different areas have local schemes that provide grants and loans. Contact your local council to find out what help you can get in your area. They may have a specialist advisor who can help you with a number of financial issues and sit down to discuss this with you. Visit:

England: Scotland:


Utility Companies (gas, electricity and water companies)

There is support available if you are struggling with utility bills. Your energy supplier may be able to give you a grant, a discount, or a better payment arrangement. There are also energy-saving schemes and government grants to reduce your costs. Contact your utility company and your local council, or your Mummy's Star Support Worker, in the first instance.

Charities and other Organisations

There are a number of charities and organisations that provide grants to individuals with cancer and facing end of life.

Macmillan Grants are small payments to help people with the extra costs that cancer can cause. They are usually a one-off payment, for people who have a low level of income and savings. You apply through a health or social care professional. If your application is approved, payments are usually sent out within 3 working days. Turn2us is an organisation helping people find specific charities that may be able to offer financial help.

Citizen’s Advice can also talk you through your eligibility for welfare rights/benefits, check for any other local grants and help you manage any debts.

Your Mummy's Star Support Worker can also help identify and refer you to other organisations that may support you financially.

If you are eligible for Mummy's Star support and are receiving end of life care don't hesitate to email to self-refer to us.


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