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Charitable Giving and your Virtual Memory Box

There are a few ways you can use your Virtual Memory Box to include charitable giving or fundraising into your memory making and the celebration and remembering of your life..

The simplest and most common way is through a funeral collection.

In the past these would have been cash collections handled by your funeral director, but it is becoming more and more common to use online collection platforms to save people from having to carry cash on the day. It also keeps all donations in one easy-to-manage place.

Your Virtual Memory Box automatically generates a donate button which can be used as the means of collecting funeral donations.

You can include a link or QR code to the webpage in the Order of Service and it can also be easily shared with friends, family and loved ones online, via email, and in messages.

Using your Virtual Memory Box means friends and loved ones have a longer period of time to donate. The link can also be shared with individuals who cannot attend the funeral, and allow them to donate to the collection if they so wish.

Donors are also able to leave messages and contribute photos, videos and stories to the memory box itself while they are giving.

You might decide to hold a fundraising event as part of your memory making. It's a wonderful way to build physical memories and to make a tangible difference to the charity of your choice.

Your Virtual Memory Box can host all the details of these events and allow people to donate to and support the event itself.

Families and loved ones can also create events in your memory. These events, such as group walks, celebration days or football tournaments (to name a few!) are a meaningful and tangible way of keeping your memory alive.

Events can also be virtual and serve as a reminder of birthdays or other anniversaries. They can encourage people to re-visit the page and keep building on the collection of memories your Virtual Memory Box holds.

To learn more about Virtual Memory Boxes click here or contact your Information and Support Worker who will be able to help further.


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