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End of Life Financial Preparation

If you are receiving or planning for end of life care, preparing your finances can be a kindness for your family and peace of mind for you...

We actively encourage our families to make informed choices around how they wish to approach all aspects of an end-of-life journey. A key part of this is to look at your finances. As with all conversations about death and dying, it may be difficult to know where to start, but the information below will hopefully give you some guidance.

Bank accounts

Bank accounts are frozen when a person dies. This means money can only be taken out if the person carrying out the instructions in your will (the Executor) transfers it. It is also their job to tell the bank that you have died.

In England and Wales, if you have a joint bank account with another person such as a partner, any money left in the account belongs to them. But in Scotland, any money you put into a joint account still belongs to you when you die. It then becomes part of your estate.

Pension Schemes

You can nominate someone as beneficiary of your pension using a legal nomination form, provided by your pension scheme. This means that whatever is left in your pension when you die may pass directly to them; but this depends on the terms and conditions of your pension scheme.

Speak to your pension provider about the options available to you and make sure your pension provider has up-to-date details of your beneficiary. If you have more than one pension remember to tell all your providers.

Writing or Amending your Will

The thought of writing a will can be daunting, but they are usually very simple to do and give you peace of mind that all your wishes - financial and otherwise - will be carried out when you die.

We recommend you speak to a solicitor or professional will writer when making your will. This will help to ensure that your wishes can easily be followed when you die. To find a local solicitor please visit Find a Solicitor - The Law Society

If you are eligible for Mummy's Star support and receiving end of life care, we can support you in these preparations; email


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