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What if my employer is not supporting me?

If your employer fails to make reasonable adjustments or does not provide them consistently enough or for as long as necessary to allow you to manage your job role, it is worth taking the following steps:

1. First arrange a meeting with your line manager, in a quiet place and with sufficient time, to let them know that you are struggling and require some adjustments to be made. If you need support for this, ask a trusted friend or family member to attend too, as your advocate.

2. If there is no change or response after speaking with your line manager, approach your Human Resources (HR) department and discuss the situation with them.

If they have access to Occupational Health (OH), ask to be referred to them if you haven’t already been so. If you have seen them before but aren’t imminently due for a review, ask for your next appointment to be brought forward.

3. If your employer has no access to OH and/or HR is not proactive in ensuring reasonable adjustments are instigated, you will need to go further. If you are part of a union, it would be appropriate to contact your union representative at this point, to see if they can help advocate on your behalf.

4. If communications break down within the workplace and you are not being appropriately supported, you can contact ACAS (Advisory,Conciliation and Arbitration Service). They provide free and impartial information and advice to both you and your employer on all aspects of workplace relations and employment law. They have a “Disability at Work” hub that explains your rights.

5. If your employer fails to co-operate with ACAS and continues to discriminate against you or threatens to dismiss you unfairly, you have the option of making a claim against your employer at an employment tribunal. How to proceed with a claim can be found at:


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