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Further resources for returning to work

Your Mummy’s Star Information and Support Worker will be there to help support you during your transition back into the workplace, but there are some additional agencies to be aware of:

1. Occupational Health

Occupational Health (OH) is generally accessed through your workplace and can be a good independent resource to help make your journey back to the workplace as successful as possible.

Request a referral to OH early, as soon as or even before you return to the workplace, as there could be a delay before you are seen.

Be open and honest at your OH appointment about any ongoing physical/mental health problems, and your OH adviser can help you put together a plan of support. They will then review this with you over time so that any difficulties can addressed promptly.

2. Access to Work

This Government scheme can help you get into or stay in work.

You can apply for a grant to help pay for practical support with your work (e.g. taxi fares to get to work if you can’t use public transport) or you can get support with managing your mental health at work (e.g. creating a tailored plan to help you stay in work).

For more information see:

3. Macmillan Cancer Support

This organisation provides support through both their helpline and website giving lots of detailed information on work, your rights, self-employment and much more.

They also provide a variety of booklets related to work, both for yourself and your employer which you can either download from their website or you can request a paper copy from your Mummy’s Star Information and Support worker.

4. Citizen’s Advice

This charity offers free advice on a number of work-related issues including how to talk to your employer about a problem, deal with discrimination at work and find out more about your rights regarding flexible working.

There are local branches throughout the UK where you can make an appointment to talk face-to-face with an adviser and there is also a central website:


ACAS gives employees and employers free, impartial advice on workplace rights, rules and best practice. They can help to mediate between you and your employer and help to resolve disputes if you feel that you are being treated unfairly. Find out more about that here:

In addition, they can also provide you with clear advice regarding your rights as a disabled worker and they give advice to employers on how to support you as a disabled employee in the workplace:

6. Working with Cancer

This organisation can offer you coaching/guidance to you as you consider your return to work, while in work, or while trying to find employment at any stage during or after cancer treatment.

They also work with employers to improve their understanding and awareness of cancer-related issues within the workplace:

7. Working Families

You can get free advice and support at this website on employment rights and in-work benefits for parents and carers. You can also find information on balancing work and caring responsibilities including flexible working:


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