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Katie McGlynn wears her bespoke Mummy’s Star pendant with pride!

Mummy’s Star Patron and former Coronation Street actress, Katie McGlynn, shared a video of herself wearing the beautiful necklace with her followers and explained the amazing, heart-felt story behind their creation.

Katie explained to fans how a talented jewellery designer created a very special Mummy’s Star pendant in memory of her late sister-in-law, who passed away with stage 4 breast cancer in April this year. She went on to say how Sian Hughes, whose sister-in-law Emily Hughes was diagnosed with breast cancer in pregnancy, is donating all of the profits of each bespoke, hand-crafted piece to Mummy’s Star.

Sian, who has been designing and creating contemporary jewellery for 15 years, said: ‘I wanted to thank Mummy’s Star for the much-needed practical and emotional support they gave to my family during a very difficult time.'

The star in the design is a direct reference and tribute to Mummy’s Star and the hoop represents the circle of life and hope. Each one is shaped, soldered, and stamped by hand and the star can be personalised with initials or left plain.

‘The response to the pendant so far has been overwhelming - I hope that is because they feel unique and beautiful, like the women that Mummy’s Star helps.’

These pendants make a beautiful gift for Christmas, birthday or just because.

Every Mummy’s Star pendant is made from sterling silver and is priced at £45 with all the profits going directly to Mummy’s Star.


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Dec 24, 2020

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