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The Impact of Education on Cancer and Pregnancy

Why support and education for our healthcare professionals means a brighter outlook for our mums and families

The knowledge and language of a healthcare professional can have a massive positive impact on a mum or family experiencing the frightening reality of cancer in or around pregnancy.

At Mummy’s Star we want to ensure that every healthcare provider who might care for an individual who is pregnant or post-natal person can handle both the diagnosis and treatment of cancers, in or around pregnancy, with sensitivity and confidence.

That’s why we offer support, advice, and education, not only to our mums and families, but to healthcare professionals too.


Our Support Workers can provide a listening ear to any healthcare professional who might need to talk about a patient or an experience at work that involves cancer and pregnancy. They can suggest appropriate services to support both patient and the staff involved in their care, as well as suggesting and assisting with referrals to Mummy’s Star and other supportive organisations and charities.


There are a lot of myths around what a pregnant or post-natal person with cancer can and cannot do. Can a pregnant mum have chemo? Can a new mum with cancer breastfeed? Mummy’s Star can help bust some of those myths and point healthcare professionals in the direction of appropriate sources to further develop their knowledge and understanding. The Healthcare Professionals - Informed Support section of this website is an excellent place to start!

Training and Education

The intersection of cancer and pregnancy is not currently a compulsory part of any midwifery, maternity, or oncology curriculums. That’s why Mummy’s Star offers a bespoke training programme to universities and hospitals.

Using academic and anecdotal evidence, gathered by Mummy’s Star and its associates and partners over the last 10 years, the sessions provide access to the voices and experiences of actual families we have supported through various stages of pregnancy, illness, and recovery

We can provide a unique and tangible insight into this rare but devastating circumstance.

Sessions are led by our CEO Pete, who has a personal journey with pregnancy and cancer, following his wife’s terminal diagnosis just weeks after the birth of their second child. The length of session can be tailored to each institutions needs and can be delivered virtually or in-person. Presentations can include topics such as:

· How cancer signs and symptoms can be masked by pregnancy

· The challenges faced by families post-diagnosis and beyond

· The positive impact that healthcare professionals can have on a patient's experience

And there is always time for an in-depth Q&A session afterwards.

By supporting healthcare teams across the UK and Ireland, to be prepared for the realities of cancer and pregnancy, we know that mums and families affected in the future will receive better care and potentially receive faster, more accurate diagnosis of their cancer; improving treatment options and, in some cases, prognosis.


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